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Healthy Ways to Grieve After the Loss of a Loved One


Grief affects your mind, body, and soul in addition to your emotions. No matter what, it’s difficult to avoid. It needs to be acknowledged and processed since that allows you to feel some relief. Your entire range of feelings in response to loss makes up for your grief.

Dealing with grief alone is a challenging and hurtful experience. As such, our hospice care services recommend finding healthy ways to deal with this hurt. Grief might be present now, but it will soon fade into acceptance and peace.

Find comfort and support from family and close friends who are grieving with you. Sometimes, people hesitate to bring up the loss or mention the dead person’s name because they worry this can be hurtful. But people may find it helpful to talk directly about their loss. You are all coping with the death of someone you cared for.

Attend grief counseling, too. At Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC, we offer home health & hospice in Kansas that provide bereavement support services to our hospice patients and their families. We understand the struggles and how hard it is to be in a situation of having loved ones who have a terminal illness. Our staff recognizes how difficult it is for both patients and their families.

Lastly, take care of yourself. Eat healthily, go outdoors, stay active, and spend time with family and friends. Sometimes, our brains need a distraction, and staying active and fit is a great and productive way to do so. Grieving alone can lead to unhealthy habits that can hamper your wellness.

If you ever need support during these hard times, just know that you can count on our home health in Wichita, Kansas. Call us anytime.

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