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Tips on Taking Care of Your Wounds After Surgery


After an operation, the next step is your path to recovery. Usually, surgical wounds take several days or weeks to heal. If not given proper wound care, surgical cuts may get infected. This can result in the presence of pus, increased pain and redness around the wound, as well as delay its healing.

To prevent complications from happening, here are some useful tips to care for your surgical wounds while at home:

  • Clean the wound by dabbing it with a cloth or gauze soaked in soapy water or a mixture of sterile water and salt.
  • Do not use any products with harmful substances, unless you have consulted your doctor.
  • Change the dressing frequently. Clean or wash your hands before touching the dressing.

If you are looking for a skilled healthcare professional who can help, assist and guide you in cleaning your surgical wounds, our home health & hospice in Kansas is here to help.

Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC is a provider of hospice and home health in Wichita, Kansas whose goal is to provide our clients with a wide range of quality care services in the comforts of their homes through our excellent and dedicated staff.

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