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Senior Care: Tips How to Achieve Quality Sleep

Senior Care Tips How to Achieve Quality Sleep

In our other post, we’ve shared with you how beneficial sleeping is for every person, for seniors in particular. In the aging season, health complications can already arise, but with good health, accompanied by quality sleep, your senior loved one can have improved physical conditions.

Now that you know the great benefits of sleeping well, perhaps it’s also a struggle for some seniors to actually achieve a good amount of sleep. Ideally, 7-9 hours of straight and undisturbed sleep can be very advantageous to our senior loved ones. When they’re unable to achieve this, they might be having some issues that need to be carefully looked on. However, there are steps that can be done to help them manage a good sleep.

Consider the following tips:

  • Avoid Drinking Caffeinated Drinks Before Bedtime
    Caffeine contents of certain beverages, such as coffee or tea, can cause a person to stay awake for a certain amount of time. While these drinks have their own benefits to the body, it will be ideal to drink this some hours away from their bedtime. As your partners in providing quality Home Health & Hospice in Wichita, Kansas, we hope this avoidance can help you achieve a nights good sleep.
  • Avoid Drinking Too Much Water Before Bedtime
    While it’s important for seniors to stay hydrated, drinking water right before bedtime can trigger bladder issues while they’re sleeping. They might wake up in the middle of the night because they want to urinate. This disturbance may keep them from going back to sleep again. If they ever need to drink, let them have a quick sip.
  • Ensure the Beddings Are Clean
    Everybody wants to lay down on fresh and clean linens. This is also something that our senior loved ones can benefit from. Quality housekeeping can be provided by professional Home Health Aides, so it will be ideal to take advantage of this service. When they’re sleeping a on fresh-smelling mattress, they can be relaxed even more, thus, helping them achieve the quality sleep.
  • Play Some Relaxing Music
    Some seniors may have difficulty in sleeping because they have worries or other mental troubles. Playing relaxing instrumental melodies can help them to relax their minds, and facilitate a comfortable sleep. Just ensure that you ask your loved one first if they like that particular music or not.
  • Ensure They’ve Taken Their Medications
    Your senior loved one may be disturbed in their sleep because of some pain or coughing, which could have been alleviated with medication. If they have medicines that they need to take before bedtime, ensure that these are adhered to so that they can achieve a relaxing sleep.

As we continue to assist you in providing exceptional Health Care in Kansas, we hope that these tips can help your aging loved one to sleep well. If you ever need assistance at home, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC.

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