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Speech Therapy: Beyond Just Communication Problems

Speech Therapy: Beyond Just Communication Problems

People usually associate speech therapy with speech and language disorders. This is not far from what it does as speech therapy can actually help with these conditions. However, speech therapy goes beyond these communication problems.

As a provider of home health in Wichita, Kansas, our speech therapists can also help with the following:

  • Retaining of swallowing function that was affected by an injury or medical condition such as Parkinson’s disease or oral cancer.
  • Treating a receptive disorder in which a person has trouble understanding and processing what others say. These are usually caused by language disorders, autism, hearing loss, and head injuries.
  • Helping people with expressive disorders which makes it difficult for them to convey or express information. These are usually caused by developmental impairments such as Down syndrome and hearing loss.
  • Treating dysarthria in which the person’s speech is slowed or slurred due to a weakness or inability to control the muscles used for speech. These are common in nervous system disorders and conditions that cause facial paralysis.

Are you or your loved one in need of speech therapy? We at Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC can help you. We provide comprehensive home health & hospice in Kansas, ensuring quality care for our patients.

We also provide other services such as skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, home health aides, and hospice care services.

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