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Services Provided by Hospice Care


Hospice care provides services that put emphasis on the life quality of individuals who are suffering from an advanced terminal disease as well as their caregivers. Hospice care, such as the home health & hospice in Kansas offers loving care for individuals who are in the last stages of incurable illness in order for them to live as fully and comfortably as possible. The philosophy behind hospice care is that it accepts death as the last phase of life but doesn’t expedite or delay it. The individual and the symptoms of the illness are treated instead of the illness itself. Read on to know some of the services provided by hospice care.

  • Palliative care and control of symptoms
    Palliative care which is otherwise known as supportive care, comfort care, or symptom management can be provided separately from hospice care. However, it’s usually a part of hospice care when treatments for cancer are no longer given because the disease has worsened. Cancer is not treated by palliative care. Its symptoms and side effects are treated instead as early as possible.
  • Homecare and in-patient hospice care
    Though most hospice care services are focused in the home, there can be situations when we have to be in a hospital, an in-patient hospice care center, or an extended-care facility. Our home hospice team can make arrangements for our in-patient care and will continue to be involved in our care as well as with our family. We can revert to in-home care when we as well as our family are ready.
  • Respite care
    For those patients who are being provided care at home, some of the hospice services provide respite care to make it possible for friends and loved ones to have rest from caregiving. It’s possible to provide respite care for up to five-day periods of time, in which the cancer patient is provided care in the hospice facility or in beds intended for them in hospitals or nursing homes. It’s possible for families to plan a mini-vacation, attend special events, or even just get the much-needed rest at home while their loved one patient is being cared for in an inpatient setup.
  • Bereavement care
    The hospice care team will provide assistance to the surviving family members in order for them to get through the grieving process. Via phone calls, visits, or support groups, a trained volunteer, professional counselor, or clergy member can offer support to the survivors in this time of mourning after a loss.

At Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC, you can avail the excellent hospice care services our highly proficient healthcare professionals provide for your loved one. Feel free to contact our home health in Wichita, Kansas.

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