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Senior Health Issues That Cause Malnutrition

Senior Health Issues That Cause Malnutrition

Do you know that your senior loved one can easily experience malnutrition? Knowing what causes them can equip you towards preventing these risks and their complications. There are many causes for senior malnutrition and as your trusted provider of Health Care in Kansas, we would like to share this piece of knowledge with you so you can be better equipped in caring for them.

The following are the common reasons that result in elderly malnutrition:

  • Fatigue
    Seniors can easily get tired due to the declining energy and mobility associated with aging. They may find it wearisome to visit a grocery store and purchase their supplies or even cook their own food. For this reason, they may opt for ready-to-eat foods which are not healthy for them. When this continues, malnutrition will not be difficult to come by.
  • Lack of Financial Resources
    Your senior loved one may go through financial constraints due to other expenses with their medications and other needs. Consequently, buying for healthier food options can become difficult to achieve. As a result, malnutrition happens.
  • Chronic Illnesses
    Seniors are also at risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney ailments, and others. These chronic ailments can put them on a restricted diet which makes it even harder for them to decide on what to eat. These are daily issues on meals and nutrition that our Home Health Aide can assist you with.
  • Medications
    As previously mentioned, seniors may need to take more than one medicine in a day. While this is necessary, side effects can also result in changes of your loved one’s physical senses, such as changes in the hearing, smell, or taste, which consequently result in loss of appetite. With this lack, your loved one will not be able to eat well, and malnutrition happens.
  • Dental Problems
    Another often-missed reason for malnutrition is the condition of your senior loved one’s teeth. When they have gum injuries or problematic dentures, and they can’t find a quick replacement, this may affect with their chewing and swallowing. Ensure that their dental problems are addressed well.
  • Social Support
    Our senior loved ones may also lose their appetite when they eat all by themselves for the day. They may feel the intense isolation and loneliness such that eating on their own is not something they want to do. When they do have social support, someone can accompany them during meals and they can now eat sufficiently.
  • Depression
    There will be different kinds of problems and challenges occurring in a person in their aging season. Because of this, they can acquire depression, a mental illness that needs treatment and sufficient monitoring, which can result in a lack of appetite and malnutrition.

As your source of Home Health & Hospice in Wichita, Kansas, we’re here to promote the appetite of a senior loved one, thus, leading to their overall health. To inquire, contact us at Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC.

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