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Managing Bone Health at Hospices


In the final stages of a person’s life, the bodies of elderly people will feel bone diseases and joint pain, along with the body ache and weakness they suffer.

How does Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC deal with these problems?

As a facility that specializes in hospice care services, our company makes it a primary responsibility to handle bone and joint health with extreme care.

We make sure that we here at home health in Wichita, Kansas are providing healthy meals, including food portions that are rich in calcium such as milk, cheese, figs, oranges, and dark green leafy vegetables that greatly help improve bone mass and strength.

Light exercises are also conducted and led by our stand-by professionals. We also encourage our patients to drink water and take oral medicine, vitamins, and supplements as additional immunity against the disease since the elderly age group is the most vulnerable.

As home health & hospice in Kansas, we make sure that our patient’s bone health is well taken care of. You can reach us through our contact details available on our website and we hope to hear from you as soon as possible. You can count on us!

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