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How to Encourage Healthy Eating in Older Adults


One way of addressing the declining health of older adults is focusing on their diet. A home health in Wichita, Kansas should have a resident dietician to monitor an elder’s nutritional intake and treat clinical conditions related to eating.

Aging dulls the senses, including the sense of smell and taste. In addition, oral problems, especially concerning the teeth, jaws, and throat can make eating an uncomfortable experience. To encourage elders to eat, home health & hospice in Kansas has some tips to encourage older adults to eat more.

If an older adult’s problem is loss of appetite, there are several ways to go about it. Encourage snacking and finger foods instead of three large meals a day. As much as possible, turn meals into a social gathering. Eating with others makes eating more enjoyable for older adults, especially if they experience depression and isolation.

Elders who experience oral problems may have trouble chewing and swallowing. To fight dry mouth, drinking more liquids stimulates saliva production. For gum and tooth problems, maintain oral hygiene and visit a dentist before it worsens. For dysphagia, let them eat smaller portions of food. It’s preferred to feed them with easy-to-swallow foods like yogurt, pureed fruits, and oatmeal. Our home health aides at Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC are suitable for feeding and preparing meals for an aging family member.

For end-of-life care, hospice care services focus on nutritious and frequent yet light and small meals for patients. Older patients prefer cold foods over hot ones. Since their food intake gradually lessens as their condition worsens, preparing meals high in calories and protein is crucial.

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