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How Does Hearing Loss Affect the Elderly?

How Does Hearing Loss Affect the Elderly?

Hearing loss is a common problem among seniors and its effects to the elderly is not as simple as losing the ability to hear. It goes way beyond that. Not being able to hear is ever becoming a severe social and health problem especially to those with serious medical conditions. Often, they would need assistance and help with their home health in Wichita, Kansas.

Among seniors, hearing loss is common due to the cochlear degenerative process that is associated with aging. Losing the sense of hearing impairs exchange of information and impacts the quality of life. Many times, hearing loss is mistaken as dementia so it makes them feel frustrated, marginalized and lonely. It can also be isolating thus increasing their dependence, frustration, and may even lead to communication disorders.

On top of the pressing medical concerns, these effects make it more difficult for the untrained family members to provide care to their loved ones and can be very overwhelming too.

Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC understands that this is a growing problem and we want to help maintain the quality of life of our senior clients. We provide home health & hospice in Kansas and help them cope with their hearing loss whether at home with the assistance of our home health aides, skilled nurses, and therapists.

For your loved ones who are at their end-of-life-care stage, we also offer hospice care services to manage their symptoms so they may live their last days in comfort and be in less pain.

Talk to us and learn more on how we can help ease your feelings. Call us now at 316-558-5956 or email us at

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