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“They cared for my mom and treated with her such dignity and respect all the way up to her death. They listened to her and kept her as comfortable as they could. I was so impressed with their empathy and kind words. They took time to make sure she always had what she needed. I appreciate everyone so much. From the the RN & Director Lara, RN Jim, Social worker Judy, HC Chaplain, to the bather Carolyn……I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were all so wonderful and I will be forever grateful. The minute they knew my mom was dying they took care of everything so gracefully and kept family updated with every little change and told us what to expect and what we should do. It was very comforting to have these wonderful people helping my mom through her transition to heaven.”

November 30, 2020
Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC
Attn: Lara Schill
9415 E Harry St., Suite 703
Wichita, KS 67207

Dear Lara,
I want to take a moment to thank you for your quick response to my husband’s need to begin hospice services. You came
right over when we needed help and support so badly.
Isha was far more than a bath aid. She has a passion for her work and loves her job. She is a very caring, very gentle, and
a very thorough bath aid. She went above and beyond what I was expecting. Trimming Jerry’s nails, shaving his neck ,
and trimming his beard made him feel so much better and I deeply appreciate her for providing such a necessary service.
She called the day he passed just to let me know she was thinking of me and to offer her sincere condolences. I deeply
appreciated that.
Janis was my shelter in a time of storm. During her daily visits, she made sure Jerry was always comfortable and was not
experiencing any pain at all. She gave me a great deal of support too. She answered all of my questions and helped me
understand what to expect in all aspects of my husband’s passing. The one thing that I appreciated most was that she was
very professional but she was also very open and honest about what to expect and explained all of the changes that were
taking place. She frequently encouraged me and told me I was doing a great job. I couldn’t have made it through this
tough time without her. I want her to know that I deeply appreciate her loving care and support.
I want to thank H.C. for giving me the right words to say to our estranged daughter we’d not heard from in ten years.
Jerry needed to hear from her and she was able to talk to us and give Jerry closure. That meant a whole lot to both of us.
Teresa was also an inspiration to me. Having been through similar circumstances gave her the ability to have heartfelt
sympathy for others. She also called me the day Jerry died to let me know her thoughts were with me. That means so
Shanna was very helpful in letting me know about resources that are available to me and she checked on me a few days
after my husband’s passing to be sure that I knew she was still available to help me.
All of the staff continuously practiced safe COVID-19 protocols which was important to me and made me feel safe as
well. I’d like to thank them for that.
I highly recommend Providence Home Health and Hospice to everyone needing hospice or home health services.

Julie Posey

I highly recommend this agency to anyone who needs some physical therapy at home. They helped my mom and were so friendly and the nurse and therapists were all really good at dealing with a feisty and stubborn lady! Pro tip- ask for Kristen to be your nurse and Josh for physical therapy! Kari
I would highly recommend Providence to anyone needing home health or hospice. Having worked with them on a professional level providing services to my residents in long term care and personally for my father . Their team of health care providers are outstanding! Such a great team of nurses and therapists I have seen great success’s as well as seen them weeping with the family when there is a loss. Nick, Chris, Matt, Mike are just a few of this wonderful team. Thank you for your services! Vicky

Thank you very much!
Pam Crawford

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