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Essential Things You Must Know about Wound Care

Essential Things You Must Know about Wound Care

As the body ages, it becomes less efficient in repairing itself. One of the manifestations of this decline is the slower healing of wounds in senior adults. This is why effective wound management is a must for the elderly, as it can affect whether a wound will heal or get infected. Wound care is one of the services offered by providers of Home Health & Hospice in Kansas.

As they go about their daily homemaking activities, it is unavoidable for seniors to get nicks and cuts. Unless a senior has conditions that can aggravate them, these minor wounds can be treated at home through Home Health in Wichita, Kansas. Here are the basic steps in treating superficial wounds:

  • Apply pressure if the wound is bleeding.
  • Clean the wound with mild soap once the bleeding stops.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment to the wound.
  • Dress the wound with a sterile bandage.
  • Repeat these steps regularly until the wound is completely healed.

If the wound is taking too long to heal, you must see a health professional right away. Here are other factors that may delay healing:

  • Medical conditions
  • Diet
  • Medications
  • Smoking
  • Infection

Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC offers a wide range of services—from wound care to Hospice Care Services. Reach out to us for your needs!

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