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Elderly Care: 7 Nutrition Tips to Remember

Elderly Care: 7 Nutrition Tips to Remember

Nutrition remains to be a major priority when we reach the aging season. We need to help ensure that our senior loved ones are observing the nutritious requirements needed at their age. If ever you need some help in preparing for them healthy meals every day, Home Health Aides are ready to assist.

But what nutrition reminders should we keep in mind? If your loved one has no special dietary requirements, the following are basic elements of meeting the nutritional needs of the elderly:

  1. Stay Hydrated

    Drinking as much water as possible helps to improve one’s digestion, especially in the elderly years. Hydration aids the senior’s body to digest properly and process nutrients all through the body smoothly. Aside from water, they can also take pure fruit juices, soup, and broths in between.

  2. Create a Meal Plan

    In this matter, a provider of Health Care in Kansas can be of help to your aging loved one. Creating a meal plan ensures that they are getting a well-balanced meal every time. Planning in advance also helps save costs on food purchases as you can buy supplies in advance and by bulk.

  3. Make Foods Varied

    Because nutrition is a necessity for seniors, their food options should also be varied. In the ideal setting, a senior should have a regular serving of protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy every mealtime. It is important to provide different servings so that their nutritional needs will be met.

  4. Cut Down on Salt

    Seniors also need to reduce their salt intake. For this, they should avoid processed foods and other meals with too much salt. As an alternative to good flavoring, they can use herbs and spices. These ingredients can amp up their meal flavors so they will still have a healthy diet.

  5. Reduce Sugar

    Aside from salt, your aging loved one also needs to watch out their sugar intake. In particular, they need to avoid the so-called empty calories from soda drinks and other artificially sweetened products. Alternately, naturally sweet fruits are better options.

  6. Opt for Healthy Fats

    Seniors still need fats. For that, we need to ensure that they are getting the healthy ones. Healthy fats come from plant-based oils. These fats are considered healthy because they don’t get clogged up at bloodstreams. Because of that nature, vegetable fats help improve healthy heart for seniors.

  7. Take Supplements

    Only when the doctor recommends should your aging loved one take supplements. Seniors can face many nutritional deficiencies at their age, and when they do, their health suffers. If you think that they can benefit from more supplements, consult with their physician first.

With these nutritional reminders, let us continue to promote the health and well-being of our aging loved ones. You have partners at Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC. We are your trusted provider of Home Health & Hospice in Wichita, Kansas. If you will need our services, feel free to set an appointment.

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