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Home Health Care Services

Home Health Services in Wichita, Kansas

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Providence Home Health & Hospice LLC offers skilled home health care services to individuals who are in need of quality assistance in improving and managing their health. Our services for Home Health & Hospice in Wichita, Kansas are provided by a team of highly qualified professionals who are compassionate in rendering quality care to reduce emergency visits and hospital re-admissions among seniors and individuals with disabilities and severe health conditions.

The services we offer are:

Assessment and Nursing Care

Our highly qualified nurses can assess you in certain aspects such as S/P injury, surgery, and illness.

Diabetic Management

We have reliable care providers who can provide you with services such as glucose monitoring, diabetic diet teaching, and diabetic foot care. We can be your trusted partner in managing your diabetes.

Wound Care

Wounds can be infected if they are not well taken care of. Our wound care services include surgical wounds, decubitus care, chronic venous and arterial wounds, and wound VAC management.

Infusion and IV Management

We can assure you that our healthcare professionals are well experienced in delivering infusion and IV management services. They can provide you with central line care, heparin flushes, intravenous or nutritional therapy (TPN), IV antibiotic administration, and injections including IM, IVS, and insulin administration.

Chronic Disease Management

The very goal of our dedicated professionals is to help you manage your chronic disease by providing you services such as aggressive symptoms management, prevention exacerbation, disease management of CHF, HTN, COPD, CAD, and Diabetes.

Social Worker

Our social workers are compassionate in providing long-range planning, counseling and connecting our clients and their families to community resources.

We offer the following SERVICES

We aim to meet all your specialized needs through our superior services.

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