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Hospice Care Services

Hospice Care in Wichita, Kansas

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We understand how hard it is for individuals with terminal illnesses to live life in comfort, and hospice is a special way of showing care for them. Most patients and their families resort to hospice when the curative treatments of their loved ones are no longer an option in managing their health conditions.

Our hospice services in Wichita, Kansas focus more on the care and not on the cure. These are carefully executed and designed to make sure that all of the specialized needs of our patients are being addressed. We respect every decision and suggestion of our patients regarding their plan of care. The primary focus of this program is to give genuine and exceptional end-of-life care and grief support to our patients’ families. We strive to let them experience a life free from any pain and discomfort.

Hospice Eligibility Guidelines Admission Criteria:

  • Patient has a terminal illness and limited life expectancy
  • Worsening clinical status
  • Recurrent infections such as pneumonia, sepsis, or urinary tract infections
  • Progressive weight loss or decline in oral intake
  • Dysphasia leading to recurrent aspiration
  • Frequent emergency room visits


  • Edema
  • General Weakness
  • Change in level of consciousness
  • Progressive weight loss
  • Chronic non-healing wounds

Symptoms Marked Dyspnea Nausea/Vomiting

  • Intractable pain chronic cough diarrhea
  • Co-morbidities
  • COPD
  • CHF
  • DM
  • CVA/Parkinson’s Disease
  • End stage renal failure
  • End stage Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Our hospice services include the following:

Individualized multi-discipline plan of care and teaching

Our team of healthcare professionals will provide our patients and their families with enough knowledge regarding the care plan they are involved in.

Symptom management

We will help control and maintain the symptoms that come with your disease.

Medication management

Our experienced care providers can help manage your medications effectively. They always make sure that you are following your scheduled medication intake.

Medical supplies and equipment as needed community resources

We provide quality medical supplies and equipment to our patients to secure their comfort and enhance their quality of life.

Respite care

You can entrust your loved ones to us while your family caregiver takes a break from his or her caregiving duties.

In-patient care

We offer round-the-clock care for our patients in the comfort of their home.

Prescription drugs and medication delivery continuous care

We can deliver your prescriptions and medications right at your doorsteps.

Nutritional education

It is our aim to educate our patients on ways to keep their bodies healthy and the necessary nutrients they should take.

We offer the following SERVICES

We aim to meet all your specialized needs through our superior services.

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